1:Love story: The Start

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I’ve never been so excited to be in love. I cried at the thought of marrying him. I broke down in real-life tears. They just got to pouring down my face. I had to pull it together because my best friend was calling me. I’ve been telling her for like a week that I needed to talk to her. I get it. She’s busy, but I never tell anyone I need to speak to them. I needed her. She sat in on this whole love story, day in and day out. We both felt like we were in love in a way. Not on no weird stuff, but she knows the connection I have with this man first hand.

I like to think my love stories give her hope and show her it is so much more out there. She should never settle. I want her to know what real love is. I want all women in my life to know it exists. Please don’t run from it, or it could turn into something you can’t handle.

Going to college, I lost a ton of relationships. I felt like everyone learned how to live without me like I didn’t exist, like no one could understand my pain. I retreated from everyone. What made matters worse on my end. I walked away. No more Skype calls, no more phone calls, no more text messages, no more I love you’s, no more I wish I could hold you right now, none of that.

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