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2:Love Story: Part 1: Unapologetic Love

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

You gave me something so priceless; unapologetic love. I never had to question your love for me because you displayed it in every action towards me. You forever gave me peace of mind through your words, hugs, and just your eyes. It crazy at this age, you naturally were able to make me feel like the only girl in the world. You never ran "game" on me and always protected me. You imprinted on me unintentionally, the first day we made eye contact.

I asked you to wait for me. I reassured you I would be back in 10 years or less. I did not want to leave, but the pack we made gave me hope. The first couple of months away, I would rush through everything I had to do to get on the phone with you. I missed you. Your voice was comforting. The fact that you worked around my schedule to talk to me means more than you will ever know.

At some point, your voice wasn’t enough; I missed your face. We started to Skype with each other. We would spend hours joking and laughing. You were always curious about how things were at school. I never really wanted to talk about it because I was homesick. I was sinking into this mental turmoil being in this new environment. My time with you was my great escape, so I never really said much. I always wanted to be positive. I knew how much you wanted the opportunity I was given, so I vowed to do it not only for myself but for the people who didn’t get the chance.

After a while, I couldn’t escape with you through technology. I needed a real hug. I couldn’t handle being this far from my support system and the love I knew. I already wasn’t prepared for my new environment but being away from you was the last straw. I couldn’t handle it emotionally, so phone calls got shorter, text messages went from every day to every other day, and communication just faded.

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